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Resolution Centre

reebba always encourages users to communicate with each other to resolve any issues with a transaction. Many issues are covered in the User Agreement some common issues generally fall into the following categories:


Problem Solution
Item is not returned on time Contact Borrower and find out what the problem is and when it can be returned. Ensure that return time and date are agreed in advance and confirmed in writing such as email or text message.
Item is returned damaged Compare to photographed item in listing and to any defects highlighted in the item description, and if evidence of damage beyond fair wear and tear, Borrower to repair or replace
No communication from borrower Borrower may be uncontactable for many reason – holiday, ill, travelling, change of contact details.  We recommend waiting 14 days before contacting reebba to help resolve the issue
Item is lost or stolen whilst in the possession of borrower Refer to the procedure in Section 8 of the User Agreement


Problem Solution
Item found to be not suitable for purpose after receiving/collecting from Lender Contact Lender and return item. Borrower should be happy that item is exactly as described and fit for purpose before agreeing to borrow the item
Item stops working as it should or breaks/fails in its normal operation Contact Lender to explain the details 
Item is lost or stolen Refer to the procedure in Section 8 of the User Agreement