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Lending Basics

The key to reebba community borrowing and lending is trust.  To ensure that trust and enable users who may not know each other to use the service and gain all the benefits, you need to be a registered user before borrowing or lending an item.

Registration is easy and can be done here.  Your data is held securely and complies with all relevant GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) that are in place.  Our Privacy Notice can be found here.

As a lender, uploading items to reebba could not be simpler.  Complete the database fields with either the pre-determined selections and the free text for description, upload a photograph and it is then live and visible to other users.

Once your items are uploaded and live, all you have to do is wait for someone in the community to need it and make contact.  There is also a ‘wanted’ section on the site where users will post requests for items that are currently not available in the area.  Please do check on the forum regularly which is accessible here to see of you can help out others in your community.  It offers you as a lender the opportunity to upload more items they you may not have thought of to lend.  This ensures that reebba continues to build a more complete inventory of available items within your community, based on borrowers’ requirements.

It is important that any item that is lent is in a good state of repair, is as described in the listing, all and any faults and/or damage is clearly highlighted in the listing and is your property to lend.  If you have belongings that are precious to you, have significant sentimental value or items that you consider irreplaceable then simply do not offer them for loan.

Lending etiquette

  • Ensure the description of the item is true and accurate;
  • Highlight any defects or damage, do not list for loan if any damage or defects renders the item unfit or unsafe to use;
  • Include instruction manuals where possible;
  • Demonstrate to the borrower how to use and operate the item, include an instruction sheet to help if appropriate;
  • Ensure that items are clearly identified as your property, affix postcode and ownership details on the item;
  • Do not list or lend any item if you are not absolutely sure that you:
    • Are happy that the borrower can operate it, look after it and return it in similar condition to as lent;
    • If is unfit or unsafe to use in any way;
    • You can return it on time and in a similar condition to when you borrowed it;
  • If you are in any doubt for any reason about the item or the borrower, do not lend the item.

Contact reebba on as soon as possible once you have agreed with the borrower in order to get your GI rewards credited to your account to see what your accrued Generosity Index is and how you compare to others in the community.

Prohibited items

Where some specific items are listed in this section that are allowable, items listed must also follow any other applicable reebba item listing policy and must be fit-for-purpose and, if applicable, be tested and certified for use.

Animals and wildlife products

  • Live animals and pets are not allowed on reebba.  This is to ensure animal welfare and the protection of any species.

Bootleg recordings

  • These are unauthorised recording of copyright material from concerts or live performances.  Distribution of this material may breach copyright law.

Drugs and drug paraphernalia

  • The listing of all and any material or equipment that is illegal or designed for the intended use of illegal substances is not allowed.

Firearms, weapons and knives

  • Items in this category cannot be listed due to strict laws controlling the possession and ownership of these items.  This includes parts and accessories that are also deemed controlled items such as moderators and magazines.
  • Non-controlled accessories that may be listed include gun slips, scopes, cleaning equipment and reloading hardware.  Listings must not show [pictures of actual firearms.

Gaming machines

  • Slot machines and pay-to-use machines can only be listed where it is legal to have possession and use, or if the user has a licence to use.

Hazardous materials

  • Some hazardous materials, particularly those that may require a licence to use, are prohibited.  These include some fire extinguishers, radioactive material, refrigerants, pesticides, herbicides, combustible materials and some aged-restricted items.
  • Items that may be listed include freely available items such as gas cylinders for domestic barbecues and generally available fire extinguishers.

Items encouraging illegal activity

  • Any item, equipment or information that encourages or is used for illegal activity, for example pill presses, drug paraphernalia, instructions on how to make illegal drugs, explosives or bombs.  See also other sections within this Prohibited items list.

Lock picking and locksmithing devices and equipment

  • All and any equipment designed to override or disable locks or security, for example lock-picking, code breaking/grabbing devices, master keys, slim jims, key copying equipment.

Mailing lists and personal information

  • All and any hardware, software, login details, account sharing that enables unsolicited contact, either individual or mass mailings, via any means.  Personal information of third parties such as address, telephone number, email addresses, financial or other sensitive information.

Medicine, healthcare products or medical equipment

  • All and any medical equipment that would require a prescription is prohibited, for example oxygen delivery systems, CPAP and TENS machines, hearing aids, hypodermic needles and syringes and scalpels.
  • Examples of items that can be listed include crutches, wheelchairs or mobility scooter.

Offensive material

  • All and any items that promote or glorify hatred, violence or discrimination.  For example flags, posters, memorabilia or items against race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability.  Also prohibited for example are Nazi or slavery items or anything promoting or funding terrorist organisations.

Personal and Intimate items

  • Any items relating to personal or intimate use are not permitted to be listed.  Examples include personal grooming equipment such as shaving, depilatory and hair cutting devices, personal medical devices, swimming costumes, sex toys & accessories.

Personal relationships and services

  • The offer of people or personal services and relationships either face-to-face or online is prohibited.  This includes dating, escort or sexual contact.

Police and Emergency Service related items

  • All and any items that could be easily mistaken or for the purpose of impersonating law-enforcement or emergency services.  For example, genuine government issued uniforms, accessories including hats, badges, ID cards, emergency lighting or sirens.
  • Items clearly intended for such things as fancy-dress or re-enactment are permitted to be listed, including historical military uniform.

Recalled items

  • Any items that have been recalled by the manufacturer or by government advice may not be listed.  Any item that is prohibited by law or does not comply with product safety laws is prohibited.

Stolen property

  • Stolen property and all and any property that is not lawfully owned by the lender must not be listed.  If reebba are notified from a user that they believe stolen property is listed, we reserve the right to notify the appropriate authorities.

Surveillance equipment

  • Electronic, audio and video equipment designed to transmit and receive for surveillance purposes is prohibited.  This includes signal jamming devices, traffic light control systems, digital decoders, transmit/receive devices that use frequencies in prohibited ranges, vehicle odometer modification devices, radar detectors and electrical equipment that does not comply with any directive that may be in force at the time.
  • Cameras, lenses and audio and video recording devices are permitted provided they are not used for illegal activities.