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Borrowing Basics

The key to reebba community borrowing and lending is trust.  To help trust and enable users who may not directly know each other to use the service and gain all the benefits, you need to be a registered user before borrowing or lending an item.  The process for registration can be found here

To borrow an item, use the search function or narrow it down by choosing a category.  Choose from the list of items that match your description.  Each item listed will highlight basic details of the item such as location, availability, description and a picture.  By clicking on an item, you will see the full details of what is on offer and the ability to follow on to communicate and complete the transaction with the lender.

In the event that your searched item is not listed, you can post in the Wanted forum where a system generated message will be sent to the community asking if anyone has the item you are looking for that is available to lend.  This will encourage lenders who may not have thought to register items but nonetheless are happy to lend.  This also ensures that reebba continues to build a more complete inventory of available items within your community, based on borrowers’ requirements. 

It is important that any item that is borrowed is returned to the owner, is returned in an agreed timely manner and in a condition similar to that as when it was borrowed.

Borrowing etiquette

  • Treat any borrowed item as if it is your own;
  • Maintain communication with the lender during the period of loan;
  • Notify the lender at your earliest opportunity of any damage, loss or defect to the borrowed item;
  • Do not borrow the item if you are not absolutely sure that you:
    • Know how to safely use and operate it;
    • Are satisfied that the condition is satisfactory for your to use safely without harm to you or any third party;
    • You can return it on time and in a similar condition to when you borrowed it;
  • If you are in any doubt for any reason about the item or the lender, do not borrow the item.

Contact reebba on as soon as possible once you have agreed with the lender to in order to get your CO2 rewards credited to your account to see what your accrued environmental saving has been and how you compare to others in the community.

Your data is held securely and complies with all relevant GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) that are in place.  Our Privacy Notice can be found here.