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Borrower Protection

The reebba philosophy is based on trust, and provided Borrowers follow the guidelines in Borrowing Basics, transactions will be completed without problem. Even if items are damaged or lost, provided the procedure for repair or replacement is followed, then there should be no cause for concern.

As a Borrower, please ensure that you are familiar with the Borrowing Basics, for ease key points are repeated here:

  • Treat any borrowed item as if it is your own;
  • Notify the lender at your earliest opportunity of any damage, loss or defect to the borrowed item;
  • Do not borrow the item if you are not absolutely sure that you:
    • Know how to safely use and operate it;
    • Are satisfied that the condition is satisfactory for your to use safely without harm to you or any third party;
    • You can return it on time and in a similar condition to when you borrowed it;
  • If you are in any doubt for any reason about the item or the Lender, do not borrow the item.

reebba is working on a system for insurance and deposit payments which will add additional protection for the Borrower.

Any transactions that are not completed amicably and to the satisfaction of both lender and borrower should consult the process in our Resolution Centre.