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We’re determined to change your online buying behaviour.  We’re also new, a good place to start is Getting started and please be gentle with us.  Support is always available at

It’s far too easy to buy things, particularly online. The entire online buying experience is designed so you really don’t have to think or plan: Open the app, search, select, click. That’s it, it arrives the next day or even the same day in some areas. But…

We have become conditioned and accustomed to the simplicity and become numb to what happens beyond those few thumb-clicks or mouse-clicks.  The detrimental environmental impact can be huge.

Where was it made? How far has it travelled?  Will you ever use it again? Have you got space to store it? Did you really need to buy it? Should I really have spent that money? What about all the packaging?

reebba gives you a similar convenience but instead of buying, the opportunity to borrow from your local community.  It allows you to list things you’ve bought in the past that others could borrow.

Here’s an example based on a car roof box…